Friday, November 30, 2012

You Call That Christmas Spirit?

Is it just me or does it just not feel like Christmas as much as it did as a kid?  The magic of the season is slowly disappearing for me, until actual Christmas day, when presents are ripped open, belts need to be undone from food consumption, and family gathers for the special holiday!  I've been feeling like a real Grinch lately.  Maybe it's because it will be December 1st tomorrow and I still don't have our Christmas tree. We have no decorations up at my house, and worst of all NO SNOW.  Now, I normally am super psyched to have no snow until MUCH closer to Christmas, but there is something about snow that adds that touch of magic.  The first snow fall that actually sticks, I watch as it transforms peoples moods from surly to pleasant.

So in order to cheer myself up, I decided to do a few things this season that I normally wouldn't do.  I have decided that I will watch as many Christmas movies as I can, because they almost always have Happy Endings. I watched Elf the other day and that was such a good life decision.  It made me want to listen to Christmas music and make a snow angel.  I have also decided to do a BUNCH of Christmas baking!  Mostly to eat myself, but also to give away as gifts to people at work.  I also really want a nice Christmas photo of Yuta and I.  In the almost 3 months he has been here, we still have yet to take even 1 photo of us together.  So this Christmas, that's really all I want.

One more thing to get me in the winter spirit is to go snowboarding and sledding.  I finally have my OWN snowboard back from Japan and I can't wait to hit the slopes! My friend also told me about a place just past London that offers winter tubing.  You know those big tubes that you tie to the back of a boat?  Yep, those ones.  Except down a giant hill instead of on a big bed of water.

What do you do to raise your Christmas spirit?