Friday, November 9, 2012

Jingle All The Way

With Halloween officially over, it seems only appropriate to get a jump start on the next holiday that will surely creep up faster than we want it too.  That's right, I'm talking about CHRISTMAS!  A time for spending way to much money on toys for kids, when they are only going to break in an hour. A time of waiting in maddening lines, as long as the north pole itself, and a time for wondering what the hell you are going to get your friend/mother/significant other for that special day.  Yuta and I decided to get a head start on shopping for this wonderful season, since we have to ship some packages to Japan, so we packed up our bags (and our wallets) and hit the nearest Toys R Us and local mall.

We hit up Toys R Us first, in an attempt to get the shopping for his little brothers out of the way first.  But once we were inside that damned store, the pretty colours and noisy sounds took over our brains, and I think we spent more time looking at all the different things they had, rather than looking for presents for his family.  But once the shiny ball syndrome wound itself down, we were able to focus on finding gifts.  Yuta told me that his brothers really liked some Marvel heroes, like Iron Man and Thor, so we headed for the avengers section!  Holy crap was there a lot of stuff crammed into 1 Avengers aisle!  Is it bad that I wanted to play with half of the stuff more than his little brothers did probably?  The hard part here, is finding something that doesn't have any English words coming from it, but they obviously speak Japanese.  Yuta found some Annoying Orange items that are popular in Japan, as well as an Iron Man light-up-with-sounds helmet for them.  Done and Done.

Next stop, Devonshire Mall for his sister and mother.  His sister, Kaoru, apparently loves Phineas and Ferb, and the show is really popular over there right now.  The last time we were in the mall, we looked in Spencers and saw that they had some Perry the Platypus shirts and a plush backpack, so we headed there first, and bought her stuff quite quickly.  Unfortunately, we didn't find anything for his mother yet.  Hopefully inspiration strikes soon.

With a quick pit stop in HMV, I decided to get another special gift for one of my friends whose main present she already knows about and will be receiving soon, because you can't NOT open a gift on Christmas.

With our purchases in hand, we decided that we had spent enough money and we headed home.  Here's to finishing our shopping early, and being able to enjoy this holiday season in peace and harmony!

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