Saturday, December 1, 2012

Photo-A-Day December

So earlier this year, I decided to do a photo a day challenge.  It's where you get a set list with a different theme/topic everyday and you take a photo with your interpretation of said theme/topic.  I've decided I will now do another one for December!  So please enjoy the daily updates of photos!

Here's the topic list in case you are feeling a little creative!

Day 1.  8 O'clock
I spent my evening watching a movie with a friend!  Such wonderful times!

Day 2. Peace
An empty house, a childhood favourite, and some eggnog.

Day 3. Something you held
My yummy snack of fruit creme peak freans and egg nogg!

Day 4. Black and White
My beautiful Coach gloves I got from a friend last year!

Day 5. Looking Up
Oh hey there Ella!

Day 6. Something from where you live/your country
Canada Dry Ginger Ale!  Ahhhhh......

Day 7. Stars
The weather has been kind of crappy for astronomy photos, so I made some of my own!

Day 8. Someone you love
And yes everyone, he is all mine!

Day 9. Out and About
Well, I'm ABOUT to go OUT

Day 10. Under
This is under my basement stairs.  Creepy....

Day 11. Sweet
Some Christmas cupcakes I made!

Want more photos?  Check out some of my friends blogs who are also doing this same challenge!
This is Miss Friend who lives in the UK
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  1. im doing this on my blog!!! and Im linking in your blog xxx

  2. omg, a little princess?! love that movie but haven't seen it for years! x