Saturday, October 20, 2012

You Lazy Ass!

Working out.  Most people I know DREAD working out, myself included.  But ever since Yuta's arrival, I've noticed the few pounds I had lost before, starting to creep their way back into my life.  I just want to post a big sign that says GO AWAY FAT!  LEAVE ME ALONE!  UNWELCOME! Or, something along those lines.  I guess all those restaurants and eating out in general are starting to catch up with us.  And when you are a woman with the curves I have, I really should be watching what I'm eating...or at least go to the gym and try and burn it off.

So as many of you know I recently joined the gym across the street from my work.  And while my motivation has been lacking of late, I'm really inspired by my friend Michelle.  She never fails to miss a day at the gym!  Even on the weekends! Now that's dedication!  So I decided to buck up, get off my lazy ass and get to the gym......After my 8 hour shift at work of course!  Go hard or go home right?

I didn't do anything too strenuous because I was already really tired and didn't want to hurt myself, but I attempted.  I did a total of about 25 minutes on the treadmill, going back and forth between running and walking (mostly walking, thanks ankle....), I went over to the sit down bench press and did 3 sets of 10 at 45lbs, and then over to the ab area, as that is where I think I need the MOST work.  I literally have a food baby.  I did the sitting crunch machine, 3 sets of 10 at 50lbs, and man did I feel that area it worked out after the first set!  I then went and did sit ups, 3 sets of 10 again, on the vertical bench.  By this point, I was feeling tired and in all honesty, just wanted to go home.  So I did.  But I still felt a sense of accomplishment.  And now I'm hoping to add going to the gym into my daily, or almost daily, routine.  No more excuses.  Winter is here, soccer is over, and I need to stay active and healthy.  The time is now!

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