Monday, October 15, 2012

Lauren And Yuta Go On An Adventure!

So yesterday, Yuta and I went on a date.  That's right, a full getting-dressed-up date!  Where we stayed in seperate rooms to get ready and did a big reveal!  Mind you, we stayed a bit casual cause we were doing lunch, shopping, and a movie.  Nothing fancy!  But it was still nice to be under the stigma of the "date" mentality!

We started our date off at Starbucks in the Chapters at Devonshire Mall.  I think every date should start there!  Yuta ordered a Caramal Machiatto, while I ordered a Caramel Apple Spice, since I hate coffee.  He didn't want to go into the book store, so we went into the mall and began our search for a few key items each of us wanted.  We hit up American Eagle, but nothing there suited either of us (I find I love a lot of their items, but it's so damn expensive), so we wandered into a few shoe stores, but still was just window shopping.  Sears was another shop that didn't appeal to us.  We were getting discouraged, but as we passed by Ben Moss, I hit my first success.

The chain on the Inukshuk necklace that I wear daily had broken.  So I put the chain and pendant in my wallet and was on a mission to get a new one.  We stopped in at Ben Moss and found what was essentially the exact same chain, but with a lobster claw type clasp instead of the old one which the sales lady said would be a more durable clasp.  $20?  Done and Done!

La Senza was another disappointment for me.  I went in for some new undergarments during their 7 for $28 sale, but unfortunately found only 1 cute pair in my size.  I wear the biggest size in the store, which is of course the size that sells out first.  Such a disappointment.

We ended up leaving the mall almost empty handed (my chain and Yuta bought The Vow and a CD) and headed over to Wal-Mart.  A much better success rate awaited us at Wal-Mart, but I still didn't find what I expected to.  I ended up buying some new make-up (Almay foundation and a new Lip Butter from Revlon) and some snacks for later, while Yuta got the PJ bottoms he was searching for.  And a big Thank You to miss Jessie N for posting that photo of the new pokemon game, which I will be buying on Wednesday after work.

So after shopping, we ate lunch at the McDonald's in the Wal-Mart and then headed over to the movie theatre to hit up Pitch Perfect.  Holy Hell that movie was funny!  I was expecting it to be a lot like Glee, and while yes it did have the Racheal-Type-A-personality character running the Acapella group, and yes it was still a bit cheesy, I found myself REALLY enjoying it.  Fat Amy (excuse me Fat Patricia) to be so entertaining!  She was blessed to be a character with a lot of sarcasm and witty quips, pulled out at every turn!

We ended off our date at Tim Hortons, where we both just sat and relaxed.  What a perfect day!

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