Thursday, October 4, 2012

In For A World Of Hurt...

Last Monday, I decided I was going to join a gym and hopefully stick to it.  I was really excited about this decision, because it is right across the street from where I work, and a lot of people from my work, go there as well.  So, my friend convinced me to join and go to a cardio dance class with her, her sister and mother, and another one of our friends from work.

I went in to the gym, and went through all the bells and whistles with a wonderful girl named Carly.  She was excellent.  Because I was a new member, I got to spin the wheel of fortune that they have, and the friend that I referred got to spin as well.  I ended up spinning an extra free month....I hope someone else can use that for when I leave! My friend spun a personal training session.....that sounds much better!

Another girl, a friend I've known since JK, showed me and Yuta (he was on a 1 day free pass) around the gym and explained different areas and busy times and so forth.  I'd forgotten how much I loved being in a gym atmosphere.  Seeing other people push themselves, makes me want to do the same!

Our class started at 6:30 pm, and I'd heard nothing but good things about it!  Yuta didn't join, but went off into the main area and did his own thing.  I was surprised to learn that it was a male teacher.  I think his name was Roger?  I dunno, but he was cute!  The nerves and excitement were starting to kick in as he started some music, and I thought how awesome this was gonna be!  Our first move was a jumping jack and crossing our legs when our hands were at our sides.  Awesome so far.  The next move we tried was high knees.  My left leg went up and down, followed by my right, but I landed on the side of my foot, rather than the flat, and BOOM! down I went.  I heard a snap so loud I thought I had broken my ankle.  Everyone thought I had just fallen at first, until I didn't get up.  I stayed down and held my ankle, and then everyone was like, oh crap she's really hurt!

Roger, our instructor, came over and checked out my ankle.  Oh yea, I sprained it.  Almost as bad as I did in grade 10, where I would have been better off to break it.  He ran to get me some ice for it and I laid  on the floor, with my foot on a giant exercise ball.  And didn't move for the rest of the class.  Damn the ice was cold and my ankle hurt like a mother!

I stayed there for the rest of class, just resting it, and attempted to hobble out when it ended.  Thank God I had Yuta there that night, cause I dunno if I would have been able to make to my car even!  He played such a supporting role that night and the following day.  I'm really lucky to have him.

So, it has been over a week and a half and I am starting to feel better and stronger everyday, while trying not to push it, or over exert myself.  But, I think it's OK to start going back to the gym for some soft core exercises!  Here's to strength and leaving the world of hurt behind!

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  1. Awww Lauren you have a blog? Amazing!
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