Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Pros And Cons

Well that time of year is here again.  The leaves start changing and the temperature starts dropping.  The shorts and swimsuits are stashed away, not to be seen until next year or next vacation.  We pull out our comfiest sweaters and cuddle up with a steaming cup of whatever you drink.  That's right everyone, fall, and soon, winter, is here.  A time of bitter winds and wonderful activities. A time for walks under the changing leaves and wearing those cute new fall/winter accessories.   A time of digging out your car from the latest snowstorm, and a time of impromptu snowball fights. 

Me?  Winter is kind of bitter-sweet for me.  I personally hate being cold.  I would rather be in 150º heat than be in any type of cold!  So here's my list of pros and cons for winter.

The Length~ Winter seems to last forever doesn't it?
The Weather~ Unpredictability at its finest.  Not to mention those fierce winds!
The Warm up~ Having to go outside to start your car and let it warm up....And for those of you with car starters, consider yourself LUCKY.
The Shovelling~ I HATE shovelling snow!
The Roads~ They can put a man on the moon, but can't keep snow off the roads

The Sports~ Snowboarding, tobogganing, snowball fights
The Magic~ That first snowfall has a way of making everything feel like a fairytale
The Snow~ You know the one, where it falls in giant chunks, with no wind.  Beautiful
The Warmth~ Curling up with a book and a hot chocolate on a day off! 
The Shopping~ Ok, Winter accessories are cute!

So, I guess Winter isn't all bad.  But I still prefer summer to winter.  Who knows, maybe this one will be different now that I have somebody to keep warm with.

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  1. Lauren: love your blog! Keep posting!
    Patty Findlay