Saturday, July 6, 2013

Zoo Adventure!

Hey everyone!
So about once every leap year, Yuta and I miraculously have the same day off!  So how do we spend such treasured days with each other?  Well, this time, we went to the Zoo!

I was a little skeptical about going to the Detroit Zoo, because one of my friends at work had just went and she said while she had a good time, the place was really small...As in no Elephants small.  But I disagree.  I mean, yes, there were no elephants, but that doesn't mean we didn't have an AMAZING time looking around ALL DAY.  Did I say all day?  Yes, I did because that place was still HUGE!  There were so many exhibits of animals from all over the world!

So starting from the entrance and going clockwise around the park map, they had: Penguins, Amphibiville (frogs, lizards, etc), Holden Reptile Conservation Center (crocodiles, snakes, turtles, etc), the adventure zone with the 4-d and other rides, South American Animals (Rhea, Guanaco, Flamingo, Vulture) prairie dogs, elk, bison, bald eagle, kangaroos, ostrich, white rhinos, meerkats, snow monkeys, tigers, lions, red pandas, gorillas *pause for huge breath* polar bears, seals, artic fox, giraffe, zebra, ant eaters, chimps, porcupine, and SO many more I don't have the patience to type out!  Here's some photos instead!

After going and experiencing the Detroit Zoo, I just want to tell you to GO!  Go right now!  Get in your car and go!  It's a cheap(er) day out idea (only $14 general admission with $5 parking)


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  1. Ahh how cute those all are! The crocodile is über gorgeous :3!