Monday, June 24, 2013

Awesome Photography Skills

This just in!  The July Photo-A-Day list has been uploaded to the website and I will be partaking in it!  "But Roren, you NEVER finish!"  So?  I've already got all the topics programmed into my phone, AND it's SUMMER!  It's so much easier to go outside and snap a few than in the blistering winter.  I don't know about you, but I hate getting frostbite...

What is the Photo-A-Day?  It's a photography challenge that a woman in Australia comes up with every month and you can use instagram or whatever to post your amazing photo's of that days topic.  If you are going to use Instagram or Twitter, you can use the #FMSPHOTOADAY or @FMSPHOTOADAY tags.

Are you interested in doing this challenge?  Let's do it together!  My Instagram and Twitter name is @Roren11 so don't be afraid to tag me to check out your photos!  I really encourage you to try your hand at taking some pictures during this month and seeing where they take you in life!

Here is the topic list for July:

I will be posting my photo's on here every now and again, but the right side of my blog has a direct Instagram feed, so if I don't post them here, you can still see them on this site!

Day 1. Happiness Is...Talking with friends on Skype who don't live near you

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