Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spring Has Sprung....Finally!

Can you smell that in the air?  The aroma of fresh dirt and greenery?  How about the sounds of hope coming from the trees, like a concert waiting to be heard?  Spring is here!  And it's about damn time!  I have waited all winter for you dear Spring!  Through the snow, and cold, and wind.  Just to hear your sweet sounds and smell your fresh air.  And to not have to wear a coat of course!

Over the winter, as I sat in my freezing car after work, waiting for it to heat up, and all I could think about was spring.  Spring, where are you?  Spring, why aren't you here yet?  God dammit Spring, hurry up!  And now that you are here, I never want you to leave!  Unless it's to go get your friend Summer.  Because she is MORE than welcome to come join this party!

This coming warm season, I plan on doing a whole bunch of new/old things.  I want to go bike riding with Yuta down to the river and have a picnic, Bike ride to go get ice cream, go swimming, go up to our property and have a nice vacation, do LOTS of shopping, and mostly, just make some guidelines for my life.  Where I want to be, where I want to go and what I want to do.  These are all things that I want to accomplish this coming spring/summer!

And with Spring comes spring cleaning!  So I decided to spruce up my blog layout with some nice new gadgets and a fun spring colour, just in time.  I can practically hear the birds chirping on my my pages!

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