Thursday, April 11, 2013

Shed Those Layers!

I know in my last post, I mentioned that spring had sprung. Well I lied. It's only just beginning now! And that means that we can start losing those heavy winter coats, scarves, and gloves! Let's lighten up with mint coloured heels, a flowy dress, and super cute jean jacket! Mint seems to be all the rage this season as spring fashions hit the stores and I am super excited! Mint is a pastel-y colour of a mostly green blue colour. I've already bought those mint heels I mentioned above and a plaid shirt in the colour as well. Embrace the mint!

It also means that my best friend that I met while I was in Japan is coming to visit me! She will be here in a couple of weeks and we are definitely going to go big or go home. Mostly, we are going to single handedly help the Canadian fashion market because of all the things we will be buying!! I know I've got about $400 to spend while she's here and she's got quite the little fortune saved herself!

I can't wait to see her an how much she has changed and grown into herself! This is going to be such a fabulous adventure!

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