Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Back In The Habit

Hello, hello!  well, I know how much I have been slacking on my blog recently, but it's time to bring it back to the front lines and let out what's on my mind!

First things first, everyone is probably wondering if I finished february's photo-a-day.....Nope, sure didn't!  I did pretty well, until I was moved stores at my job, and from there, learning how to work in said store, with their own routines and rituals, took precedence over my challenge.

And speaking of challenges, my gym going has been pumped into over-drive!  Me and a friend have decided to run a 5k!  After looking at multiple races (my favourite being a tinkerbell themed half-marathon in Disney!) we decided on one quite close to home and unique to anything I've ever seen!  The race itself is called Colour Me Rad and it is a 5K taking place in a whole wackload or cities all over the US (I live in a border city).  The unique part is that you run past stations where people throw coloured cornstarch at you, with different colours at each station.  You are your own work of art!

I've also bought some new gym clothes to keep that spark alive!  My theory is that if I have cute gym clothes, I will want to go show them off.  My Workout Tips jar is also steadily growing due to the frequency of my gym going now, and that makes me feel soooo good!

Life at my new store is slowly getting better, now that I've fallen into their routine.  Although it can still be challenging at times.  The day ladies all work so well together, don't get me wrong.  They all have a routine that they all follow, and that can be hard and challenging for a new manager.  There are a lot of things that I see that don't work in the most positive way, and I would like to tweak them, but I would also get my head ripped off, or the silent treatment.

I have decided to do another photo-a-day, but this time, I will be only updating on Instagram, so follow me on there (Roren11) or you can use your computer if you don't have instagram

How is the new year treating you?

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