Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January Photo-A-Day

Ok, so we all know December's photo-a-day challened was a complete bust on my part.  It didn't get done due to 3 reasons.  1) I was super busy this christmas season with work and shopping and whatnot 2) I didn't have a printout of the days topics like I have had before 3) just plain laziness!  So here I am in the new year, attempting to once again complete a photo challenge, and have that sense of accomplishment early in the year, to keep the ball rolling!  If you wanna do this too, here is the topic list!

I'll try and update once a week, so as not to overwhelm everyone on my FB with constant "Blog update" posts!
But I'll give you the 1st as a treat!

Day 1.  Today
Me and Yuta spent our day snuggled up together before work.

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