Saturday, September 8, 2012

Welcome to the real world

This has been one eventful week I say! So let's start at the beginning....
It all began 3 years ago, when I went to Japan for a 1 year working Holiday.  While I was there, I happened to meet someone who is just amazing.  I fell in Love with him in no time at all.  Love is blind, and I was doing really well without that sense!  He ended up proposing before I left, and we are still together today!

Over the next 2 years, we did the long-distance relationship, and let me tell you, it was hard.  The not seeing each other for more than 2 weeks at a time (and months in between), the miscommunication that led to misunderstandings, which led to a whole whack load of fighting, and so many more things that happened that I just don't have time to tell everyone......But we made the time for each other and always worked out whatever problem we were having.  As clichè as it is, communication really is the key.  And that is what has saved our relationship.

Last year, he decided he was going to come to Canada to work on his English and be with me.  I was so thrilled! It's been a long time coming and he finally made it here on Tuesday, September 4th 2012.

I went to the airport to pick him up, with a whole herd of butterflies in my stomach.  What if he missed his flight?  What if he doesn't have all the proper paperwork with him for getting his visa?  What if, What if, What if.....Until I saw him come through the arrival gate.  The butterflies were still there, but the what if's vanished into thin air.  All I could think was "Finally".  He said he had no troubles going through immigration, and that they just asked a bunch of questions.  Relief flooded through my veins, warming my whole body.

These last few days have been....a nice surprise and a small adventure all wrapped into one.  He's slowly adjusting to the time difference, and I'm slowly adjusting to sharing my living space with the one I love again.

But after these last few days, I feel more reassured that I have picked the right man for me.  Someone who is kind, caring, funny, sarcastic, and a little bit crazy.  And his name is Yuta. I can't wait to grow old and disgusting with him. I've never imagined more than I have these past days about our future, and what I think our life will be like once married and with some kids...He's going to be a great dad while I hope to compare even slightly to my own mother.  We will raise beautiful children, and maybe even start a buisness together.....

And while I know all my hopes and dreams might not come true, I still cling to them and the person I share them with.  The real world can go suck a rainbow.

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